Plans for 24-hour pub opening could be dropped after Government fears that they could result in an increase in "binge-drinking". Changes in Britain's outdated licensing laws were finally due to go ahead next summer. Supporters claimed it would help "end the yob culture" and move the country towards "the café culture of the continent". But Home Secretary David Blunkett and Health Secretary John Reid have been growing increasingly nervous. They fear the move could result in more alcohol-related violence, especially among young people. One unidentified Whitehall source admitted there was some "disquiet" and said it was "common sense" to take another look at the proposals. The Government has already introduced various moves to tackle the problem of alcohol abuse. Prime Minister Tony Blair recently said binge-drinking was in danger of becoming a "new sort of British disease". Conservative leader Michael Howard also criticised the proposed new laws last month during a visit to London's Leicester Square where Mr Blair's teenage son Euan was once found drunk. The Mail on Sunday 12/09/04 page 2