The number of alcohol related deaths in the UK has fallen after hitting a high in 2008, newly published figures show. According to the Office for National Statistics there were 8,664 alcohol related deaths in 2009 compared with 9,031 a year earlier. In 1992 there were just 4,023 deaths. The high incidence of male alcohol related deaths compared to that of females has remained largely consistent throughout. Alcohol awareness charity Drinkaware welcomed the overall fall in deaths but said there was much work still to be done. Chris Sorek, chief executive of Drinkaware, said: “Although a slight drop in average weekly consumption of alcohol, particularly among 16 to 44 year olds, is a positive step in the right direction, we mustn't get complacent about the how much more work there is to do to help people drink less. “We know education can play a key role in reducing alcohol-related harm and the key to success is partnership - between the government, public health community, drinks industry and voluntary sector.”