Anheuser-Busch InBev (AB InBev) has unveiled a new 4% ABV variant called Budweiser Brew No. 66. The launch of the drink which has been described by AB InBev as its “most important business action in 2010" has been designed to tap into the new “standard premium” market, which includes brands like Beck's Vier and Stella Artois 4%. The beer is aimed at consumers in their early 20s who are looking for a refreshing beer and would draw new consumers into the category, said AB InBev UK president Stuart MacFarlane. He said: “Bud 66 is the result of extensive research and testing to create a product that will resonate with consumers. It is a lightly carbonated lager brewed with a touch of sweetness for a smooth easy taste.” The product, which is launched later this year, will have the support of a multi-million pound marketing campaign.