The government is planning a £5m advertising campaign to shame binge-drinkers out of over-indulging when pub opening hours are extended later in the year. Drunken behaviour will be portrayed as socially unacceptable and embarrassing - particularly for women. The Bishop of Manchester, the Rt Rev Nigel McCulloch, has entered the debate by urging the government to treat alcohol as "a serious drug". But Agnes Poirier, the London correspondent of French newspaper Liberation, says there is "only one solution" for the British. That, she says in a column in The Observer, is to learn how to drink like her countrymen. Consultant psychologist Mike Hopley, of Leicester University,  says the English have always been big drinkers. But the trend over the last 10 or 15  years has been towards "weekday abstinence and weekend fiestas". The Observer 14/08/05 pages 2 & 27 The Independent 14/08/05 page 14