Molson Coors is launching a beer aimed at women in the UK next year as it makes a fresh attempt to invigorate the lacklustre market. Beer’s share of the UK drinks market has shrunk by a fifth in the past five years, and the North American brewer of Carling wants to reverse the industry’s declining fortunes much as Nintendo’s Wii revolutionised gaming. “Before the Wii, gaming was done by 15-year-old boys in their bedrooms, said Mark Hunter, chief executive for UK and Ireland. His answer is a yet-to-be named beer that will be rolled out in the UK in the middle of next year and, if successful, further afield including the US. It will be accompanied by designer black and gold goblets, publicans who will be discouraged from serving sloppily overfilled glasses, and supported by advertising. It is the brewer’s second attempt to target women, 60 per cent of whom never drink beer according to its research. The last effort was withdrawn at a late stage after it was deemed insufficient to engage a new swathe of drinkers. Financial Times, p12