More than one in 12 alcoholic drinks sold in supermarkets, outside of promotions, would fall foul of plans to ban sales below 40p per unit, and cider would be hit the hardest, writes Michelle Perrett. That’s according to a survey by research company Brand View, which found that of 12 April, 8% of products in the alcohol category had a base price (non-promoted) below 40p per unit. More than one-third of these were supermarket own label brands. It raised concern about a range of branded products including Tennents, Stella 4% and Strongbow. It claims all three currently have products selling in supermarkets below 40p per unit, with Strongbow having half of its product range below the threshold. Its survey revealed that some lager lines in supermarkets, mostly own label, will need to adjust their pricing while Strongbow, own-label ciders and other brands will have to “significantly raise their prices”. The report said: “Some products will need a radical change in price or a reduction in alcohol content. It is unlikely that these brands will be unable to compete with established premium brands at the higher price demanded by the new legislation.”