Top of Mind Report 2020


Professionals across the Grocery Retail sector are less positive about current market conditions than those within the Eating Out market and they have a more negative view about how the market will change in 2020. What is your market outlook for 2020? What growth opportunities are your peers and colleagues ...

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Invaluable insight into the opinions of industry executives across the Grocery Retail and Eating Out sectors

The MCA and HIM Top Of Mind Report 2020 is a report with a twist. Known for being specialists in shopper and consumer research, we are turning our attention to industry professionals. This report gives a detailed overview of current trading conditions, opportunities for growth and the future outlook of the Grocery Retail and Eating Out sectors from the perspective of industry professionals. Use this report to compare your market outlook against the rest of the market and identify the groth opportunities that your colleagues and peers are focusing on.

Content overview:

  • Executive summary
  • Current Business Climate –  How do industry professionals view the current market conditions? What is the impact of Brexit? Perceptions of growth in 2019? What is the outlook for 2020?
  • Key Business Challenges –  What are the most important challenges facing the industry? How are business across the sectors mitigating these challenges?
  • Growth Enablers –  Where are the key areas for growth? How important is it to focus on the consumer? Key trends to be mindful of in 2020?
  • Most Admired Brands -  Which brands does your sector most admire? Which brands have received an honourable mention?
  • Market Evolution –  Where will the market change for the better? Where will it change for the worse? What are the growth opportunities?


How to use the report:

  • Understand the current views of the industry.
  • Use these perceptions to verify your own views, identifying points of difference and potential growth opportunities.
  • Identify the key growth opportunities from the perspective of your industry peers and colleagues
  • See which brands have the best perception across the market and identify why.
  • Understand the challenges set to impact business across the sector and the best ways to mitigate them.
  • Build your strategy for 2020 by identifying the changes that your industry colleagues and peers are expecting in 2020.

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  • Market sizing – How has the market performed vs last year?
  • Competitive landscape – Which operators lead the market?
  • Consumer insight – How have consumer behaviours evolved?
  • Future Outlook – What growth opportunities are available in the future?

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