Menu & Food Trends Report 2017

Menu & Food Trends Report 2017

The Menu & Food Trends Report 2017 is essential reading for those who want to truly understand the market landscape and explore menu composition…


For the first time, this report explores the concept of menu engineering. It examines changes to pricing over the last year, psychological price points that appeal to cost-conscious customers, marketing descriptors that tap into trends and price variations in London and the regions.

The report uncovers three new mega trends. Together with five existing mega trends, they will shape all other trends, exerting a powerful influence on the eating out industry.

The Menu & Food Trends Report 2017 enables operators to create menus that respond to the market landscape and consumer wants, while preserving profit. From a supplier perspective, the report delivers a deep awareness of how to present their products or services as relevant and valuable for the future.


Report scope

  • Breakdown and analysis of the menu composition of leading casual, fast food and pub restaurant brands.
  • Detailed analysis of differences between, and changes in, menu pricing across 42 casual , fast food and pub restaurant brands in the UK Eating Out market
  • Further analysis of regional price differentiation, psychological pricing and individual dish price changes of 106 leading brands across chain restaurant, pub and fast food brands, with over 5,000 same line dishes analysed
  • Analysis of consumer behaviour and preferences in protein groups, dishes and courses.
  • Categorisation and evaluation of current and future food trends affecting the UK Eating Out market, and concepts to watch.
  • Industry interviews with executives and chefs across chain
  • restaurants, pubs and fast food, as well as suppliers.

Methodology overview

  • Detailed Spring/Summer 2017 menu analysis of 42 brands and pricing analysis of 42 brands, using MCA’s proprietary Menu Tracker TM tool.
  • Data collected in March & April 2017 with historical data from Spring/Summer 2015 and 2016 menus.
  • Detailed analysis of regional pricing, psychological pricing and same line dish pricing changes of 106 brands, using MCA’s Menu Tracker TM tool. Autumn/Winter 2016 data and Spring/Summer 2016 data used.
  • Online and telephone surveys with 23 chefs and industry executives.36,000 online surveys (6,000 per month) through MCA Eating Out
  • Panel TM , full year 2015, with comparisons year on year.

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