Menu & Food Trends Report 2015

Menu & Food Trends

A detailed analysis of the differences and changes in menu pricing, composition and trends


Effective menu composition is crucial in an era where customers are increasingly viewing menus online and on their phones before visiting a venue.  Brands need to optimise the product offer, information provision and pricing. Food trends are increasing in number, inspired by a more pervasive ‘food culture’ and a globalising marketplace.

The 2015 Menu & Food Trends Report provides detailed analysis of differences between, and changes in, menu pricing across casual, fast food and pub restaurant brands in the UK eating out market. The report also gives a breakdown and analysis of the menu composition of leading casual, fast food and pub restaurant brands.

Review Allegra Foodservice’s definitive categorisation and evaluation of current food trends affecting the UK eating out market, which include mega, established, emerging , hot and short-lived trends.

Stay abreast of competitors with the report’s assessment of future market scenarios and developments, providing direction dependent on differing macro drivers.

This report explores menu composition, pricing analysis, menu trends and future developments, providing help for all operators and supplies 

Key outputs

  • Detailed executive summary
  • Menu composition: Product ranges, trend influences and presentational analysis of breakfast, main, dessert and drinks menus of leading operators
  • Pricing: Overview of pricing developments by segment over the past year, pricing details of leading operators, insights from the past three years and analysis of regional pricing differentiation
  • Menu trends: The mega, established, emerging, hot and short-lived trends in food affecting operator menus and the industry in 2015
  • Future developments: The primary growth trends in food for the next 2-5 years


  • M&C Allegra Foodservice Brands & Corporates menu analysis.
  • Online and telephone surveys with chefs and industry executives.
  • Desk research: news articles and trade press, company websites and industry associations.
  • Total product counts are sums of the menu item categories analysed, and in some cases may not be exhaustive totals.
  • Locations selected in the Midlands (where available) as the basis for the price research. Additional locations in London used to analyse extent of differential pricing by region.


Menu composition

  • Learn which protein groups are growing and which ones are being removed from menus
  • Understand which market segments use which protein groups most
  • Discover what the most popular sauces are at casual restaurant brands
  • Find out how operators are approaching calorie information
  • See what impact the new legislation on allergen information is having on menu design

Menu pricing

  • Learn what the differences in price ranges are between market segments
  • Understand how prices have evolved over the past two years
  • Discover which prices are operators are targeting for increases and decreases
  • Find out how approaches operators are taking to regional price differentiation

Consumer insight – new

  • Learn what dishes consumers are eating
  • Understand the demographic differences driving different eating out behaviour
  • Discover the direction of travel for different courses – are people eating more or less starters and desserts?
  • Find out how closely operator efforts to improve food quality and menu choice math consumer ratings

Food trends

  • Learn what the key product- and lifestyle-based trends are
  • Understand the differences between different trends – which are safe to implement and which are risker
  • Discover what key trends have changed year-on-year – which ones have become more established, and which ones have peaked
  • · Find out what the industry thinks the key challenges and opportunities facing menu development menu

Future developments

  • Learn which protein groups industry experts expect to see increase and decrease their presence on menus
  • Understand how the industry sees healthier eating developing over the next 2-3 years
  • Discover how cooking methods are expected to change over the next few years
  • Find out what types of eating out behaviour are expected to emerge in the near future

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  • Consumer insight – How have consumer behaviours evolved?
  • Future Outlook – What growth opportunities are available in the future?

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