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The eating out sector is set to increase by £5bn in the next three years, with 1.5% growth rate in 2018. MCA’s Eating Out Market Report 2018 features 150+ pages of data and analysis on the UK eating out market, changes to the competitive landscape, the evolution of consumer trends ...


Extensive data and analysis on the UK eating out market

Growth within the UK eating out market has continued to slow in 2018. The Eating Out market is expected to grow by 1.5% in 2018, down from the 1.7% rate seen in 2017 and the slowest pace in five years. With inflation expected at c.2% in 2018, the market is experiencing negative volume growth from decreasing visit frequencies. Demand-side factors around weakening consumer confidence and limited growth in real pay levels are driving consumers to eat out less.

However with £5bn growth forecasted across the next three years, there is a clear opportunity for operators to maximise. Better-managed, consumer-centric operators that stand out in a crowded market place are best positioned to tap into this growth.

This 150+ page report delivers extensive data and analysis on the UK eating out market, answering key questions such as:

  • What is the value of the market?
  • How is the market evolving?
  • What growth is forecasted for 2018?
  • What is driving these changes?
  • How has the competitive landscape of the sector changed?
  • How are consumer trends towards eating out changing?
  • How often do specific consumer groups eat out?
  • How are consumer demands evolving?
  • What is the future outlook for the sector?


How can operators and suppliers use the report:

  • Empower decision making on product and service development
  • Bring clarity to business development, sales and marketing strategy
  • Underpin policy-making around investment in, and use of, resources
  • Make informed choices using robust insight to boost performance and growth


Examples of insights from the report

Growth of spend on food & drink has outpaced growth of spend on recreational and cultural services for the past 10 years

The Top 10 eating out brands are all now in the £1bn turnover club

Net promoter scores have grown considerably over the last two years, with the market average up from 25.5 to 30.2

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  • Market sizing – How has the market performed vs last year?
  • Competitive landscape – Which operators lead the market?
  • Consumer insight – How have consumer behaviours evolved?
  • Future Outlook – What growth opportunities are available in the future?

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