Eating Out In the UK Report 2015

Eating Out

Eating out in the UK  - A comprehensive analysis of the UK informal eating out market


Building upon Eating Out in the UK series, the sixth annual Eating Out Report is essential reading for everyone seeking to understand and keep up to date with the Eating Out market, and consumer behaviour within it. The report delivers authoritative analysis, through a combination of quantitative and qualitative research and the key issues facing the eating out industry today.

Key chapters include

Market Analysis

The Eating Out market is set to see turnover growth of 2.8% to reach a total value of £85.3bn in 2015, the strongest growth since 2008. This rate will be aided by physical expansion of 1.0%, taking the market up to 329,683 outlets.

The high share of poorly performing independent restaurants and tenanted pubs, and closures in these segments, are causing the sector to lose share in the overall market.

The top 10 Eating Out brands only account for 13% of value in the market. The leading brand by sales is McDonald’s, with sales of over £2bn in 2015.

Competitive Landscape

The Top 10 casual restaurant brands by outlets saw their combined outlet share decrease from 45.4% to 45.2% between Q3 2014-Q3 2015. Established brands including Pizza Hut Restaurants and Café Rouge are consolidating estates, whilst a new order of brands including Franco Manca, Wahaca and Giggling Squid are expanding rapidly.

Access report to gain more insight into the leading eating out brands turnover and market share. Understand the market positioning of leading brands in each segment.

The Eating Out Journey

Eating out participation levels of 92% are only up slightly from 91.7% last year, but growth is expected to accelerate later this year as younger consumers in particular are increasingly attracted into the market. M&C Allegra Foodservice predicts participation to reach the 93% mark next quarter for the first time in the past three years.

Get a full acess to a step by step look at the eating out journey. Sub-chapters include: 

  • Decision factors 
  • Technology 
  • Quality and satisfaction 
  • Review, recommend and revisit

Future Trends

A review of upcoming trends and ‘influencer brands’.


  • Improve your understanding of consumer habits and behaviour so that products, services and initiatives can be refined. accordingly
  • Gain further insight into the impact of current trends and stay abreast of your competitors with information on future trends.
  • Acquire further knowledge of the impact of the current economic climate on both industry and consumer.
  • Increase awareness of ethical messaging in the eating out market and how it can be tackled.
  • Make informed decisions based on expert insight and achieve desired results.

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