UK Restaurant Market Report 2017

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The 2018 UK Restaurant Market Report is available to pre‑order now

MCA will publish and present the key findings of its annual UK Restaurant Market Report at the MCA Restaurant Conference on Wednesday 19 September 2018 at Marriott Grosvenor Square, London. The 2018 report is available to pre‑order now at a reduced rate to all confirmed attendees of the MCA Restaurant Conference 2018.

Looking beyond the headlines on the casual dining sector, MCA’s Restaurant Conference will look at what growth looks like for a restaurant brand in 2018. Join the conversation with Karen Jones, Prezzo, and Jon Knight, Jamie Oliver.

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The UK Restaurant Market Report 2017 from MCA offers a complete overview of the restaurant industry, with insight into the latest developments in branded, independent and fine dining restaurants, as well as comparatives in pubs and fast food. Full of statistics 

Drawing on over ten years of in-depth research, this industry-acclaimed report provides unrivalled intelligence on the size and breadth of the restaurant industry, market developments, major issues, levers for growth and the future outlook.


The UK Restaurant Market in 2017 will dive into the following sections:


The restaurant industry in the UK:

  • Get a clear picture of the UK restaurant market size, growth and segmentation
  • Understand the key issues affecting the restaurant market
  • Discover how the restaurant sector has grown historically and how individual segments are set to grow this year
  • See who is winning in the war between brands and independents
  • Understand the current key growth drivers and inhibitors
  • Explore how market growth is moving away from physical expansion to same-store sales growth


The UK restaurant competitive landscape:

  • Gain an insight into the leading brands in the restaurant industry by turnover and outlets, including market share
  • Understand the levers of sales growth and how they are evolving
  • Learn which brands are managing to stay most profitable
  • Discover which cuisines types are seeing the strongest growth
  • Find out which brands are seeing the strongest growth in average weekly sales, and which ones are suceeding at pushing up average spend per head
  • Explore detailed profiles of leading operators, including financial performance
  • Find out which brands outperform in key performance indicators


NEW in the 2017 report: Product and price section:

  • Find out how leading restaurant operators are raising their prices
  • Discover which menu sections are being targeted for price rises
  • Explore how leading brands are tweaking their product counts
  • Learn how brands are applying regional price differentiation


Consumer insight:

  • Find out how the restaurant market is performing at a top-line level - how participation levels are changing, if people are visiting more or less often and if they are spending more or less on each visit
  • Understand how branded restaurants are performing in comparison to other restaurants
  • Identify who is visiting restaurants, why and how they’re rating their experiences
  • Explore which food items, drinks and cuisines are most popular among restaurant visitors


Future outlook of the UK restaurant market:

  • Find out how market growth drivers are expected to evolve over the next three years
  • Explore the key market risks of the next three years
  • Discover how the restaurant market is set to grow over the next three years, and which segments are expected to outperform
  • Understand the different growth models available to restaurant operators to increase same-store sales


Please contact MCA on 02076 110404 
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for the table of contents and preview brochure of the report.


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  • Restaurant Market Report - 2017

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