UK Food-to-go Market Report 2017

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Food to Go 2017

Released on 9th February 2017, the MCA ”UK food-to-go” market report delivers authoritative analysis, through a combination of quantitative and qualitative research of the key issues facing the food-to-go market today.

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From work-week needs to week-long wants:

The UK food-to-go Report 2017 from MCA reveals a healthy 3.8% expected growth in 2017, outpacing the wider eating out market, which is predicted to grow by 1.7%. This impressive performance is due in part to a shift in consumer attitude. Food-to-go has evolved from a workweek need into a week-long want, with nearly a quarter of food-to-go visits made during weekend-biased ‘shopping & leisure’ occasions. With competition intensifying in this thriving sector, quality market intelligence is a vital asset to operators and suppliers seeking to advance their position. This report answers that need, drilling deep to give industry executives the fine detail they crave.


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To enquire about this report, please contact MCA on 02076 110404 or email


Key report outputs:

  • Detailed market sizing of the UK food-to-go market – current and projected
  • Comprehensive overview of competitive landscape, including physical expansion, sales market share of leading brands, operator profiles, product counts and product pricing
  • Types of promotions and their efficacy
  • Analysis of consumer participation, frequency, spend and behaviours over time
  • Factors affecting the wider eating out market
  • Breakthrough concepts and supplier innovations
  • Future outlook of the food-to-go market


The UK food-to-go Report 2017 enables operators and their suppliers to: 

  • Gain a competitive edge by understanding the key issues affecting the food-to-go market
  • Discover how the food-to-go market has grown over the past six years
  • See which channels and operators are winning in the food-to-go battleground
  • Find out what food-to-go retailers think the key challenges and success factors in the industry are
  • Learn what the key food-to-go consumer trends are
  • Understand how the market is set to grow over the next three years and the concepts to watch over the next few years


To enquire about this report,
please contact MCA on 02076 110404 
or email


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