UK Eating Out Market Data Report 2017

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The 2018 UK Eating Out Market Data Report is available to pre‑order now

MCA will publish its annual UK Eating Out Market Data Report at the end of July 2018 and will present key findings at its quarterly management briefing with subscribers of MCA’s Food Strategy Forum on 26 July. If you’d like to pre‑order the 2018 report, please contact MCA or call 02076 110404.


Our annual reports deliver the latest industry intelligence and analysis, identifying trading headwinds and forecasting the future-outlook of the market. With acute awareness of the complete landscape, operators and suppliers can maximise opportunities for growth.

The UK Eating Out Market Data Report 2017 is a valuable part of MCA’s market intelligence portfolio, bringing a clear competitive advantage to those who explore its contents in full.

This report provides a holistic view of the eating-and-drinking-out market, based on fully up to date research and analysis. Each segment is explored in detail, and the fastest growing among them are identified. The factors inside and outside the industry that are driving and inhibiting growth are assessed, and the leading brands’ market position is revealed.

Consumer insight is given the same level of attention, with eating-out participation, spend and frequency studied in-depth. The report delivers an understanding of the popularity of specific channels and the trends that are gathering speed, driven by consumer demand.


Please contact MCA on 02076 110404 or email for the marketing brochure & table of contents of MCA’s “Eating out in the UK” market report.

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  • Eating Out market data report - 2017

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