Menu & Food Trends Report 2017

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The Menu & Food Trends Report 2017 is essential reading for those who want to truly understand the market landscape and explore menu composition, pricing, food trends, consumer insight, industry views & concepts to watch. This intelligence is invaluable to operators and suppliers seeking to grow their businesses, despite strong trading headwinds.

For the first time, this report explores the concept of menu engineering. It examines changes to pricing over the last year, psychological price points that appeal to cost-conscious customers, marketing descriptors that tap into trends and price variations in London and the regions.

The report uncovers three new mega trends. Together with five existing mega trends, they will shape all other trends, exerting a powerful influence on the eating out industry.


The Menu & Food Trends Report 2017 enables operators to create menus that respond to the market landscape and consumer wants, while preserving profit. From a supplier perspective, the report delivers a deep awareness of how to present their products or services as relevant and valuable for the future.


Stay relevant to drive revenue - order your copy of the Menu & Food Trends Report 2017 now.


Please contact Laura Bicknell on 01293 610343 or email for further information.


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  • Menu & Food Trends Report - 2017

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