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focus on healthier eating brands

Focus on Healthier Eating Chains - October 2018

29 Oct 2018

Healthier eating is a mega trend that has been disrupting the UK Eating Out market. The analysis highlights key statistics on UK healthier eating chains and developments within the channel, alongside providing an insight into how other channels are adapting to consumer demand for healthier options, and innovative developments in the healthier eating space around convenience and technology.

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Top 100 profiles


Top 100 Profiles

The Top 100 Profiles cover the UK's most popular food & beverage brands.

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Latest Operator Data

Top 50 leading UK restaurants by turnover

Top 50 leading branded restaurants by turnover

17 May 2018

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Latest Concepts to Watch

Concepts to Watch Q3 2018

Concepts to Watch Q3 2018

29 Oct 2018

Quarterly updates on the new concepts, brand developments and ideas that you need to be aware of, and which MCA’s analysts think are most relevant.

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Latest Market Reports

MCA UK Restaurant Market Report 2018 Website Cover

UK Restaurant Market Report 2018

19 Sep 2018

The UK Restaurant Market Report 2018 from MCA offers a complete overview of the restaurant industry, with insight into the latest developments in branded, independent and fine dining restaurants, as well as comparatives in pubs and fast food.

Eating Out Cover

Eating Out Market Report 2018

04 Jul 2018

The eating out sector is set to increase by £5bn in the next three years, with 1.5% growth rate in 2018. MCA’s Eating Out Market Report 2018 features 150+ pages of data and analysis on the UK eating out market, changes to the competitive landscape, the evolution of consumer trends and forecasts.

UK Pub Market Report 2018 - MCA

UK Pub Market Report 2018

03 Jul 2018

The UK pub market is set to grow by 1.6% in 2018, ahead of the Eating Out market at 1.5%. MCA’s UK Pub Market Report 2018 shows that wet-led resurgence is helping reverse pub fortunes and halt pub closures – but is not the panacea for the future success of the pub sector. This 200-page report provides insights and data on the UK pub market, its competitive landscape, product and price movements, consumer behaviour and factors for future growth.

Menu and Food Trends Report 2018

Menu & Food Trends Report 2018

25 Apr 2018

150+ pages of insights and data, providing in-depth analysis of consumers’ food & drink choices; menu composition, pricing and engineering; as well as the eating out trends to watch out for

Top of Mind Report 2018 Cover

Top of Mind Report 2018

16 Feb 2018

Business leaders in the UK eating & drinking out industry share their views on the current and future state of the sector

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