M&C Allegra Foodservice is pleased to announce the inaugural UK Pub Market Report. The UK Pub Market Report provides a unique, in-depth view of the size and breadth of the branded and independent pub sector complete with detailed consumer insight into eating out behaviours. The report explores the competitive landscape and future predictions for the pub market.


  • Over 200 in-depth interviews with industry leaders, including CEOs, managing directors, senior managers and landlords of major industry players, key suppliers, property experts and other industry participants
  • A nationally representative sample of UK pub restaurant goers and their eating out habits
  • 72,000 online surveys with M&C Allegra’s UK EatingOut™ panellists covering the whole of 2014 vs prior year.
  • Detailed desk research, data provided by operators and published accounts

Key chapters include:

  • Market analysis
  • Industry views
  • Consumer insight
  • Competitive landscape
  • Future developments

Target Audience:

Leading restaurant and pub brand operators, catering and hospitality companies, educational institutions, major suppliers and distributors, financial investors and private equity firms.