Westminster City Council launched a scathing attack on the government's final version of the national guidance to the Licensing Act, claiming it is "not worth the paper it's written on". The council's cabinet member for licensing, Audrey Lewis, said: "The guidance is contradictory, full of holes, legally suspect and a virtually useless collection of bland statements that have no practical application." The final draft of the guidance, which should give a detailed outline of the procedures that local authorities must follow in administering the new licensing laws, is now with local authorities for them to comment upon. But Westminster says it still lacks detail. Lewis said: "Even issues that the government has attempted to address, such as the cumulative impact of licensed premises in a particular area, are addressed in an incoherent way." The new laws will also cost pubs more than £1,000 each to implement, according to Scottish & Newcastle, which has promised to meet half the costs for its licensees.