Faced with falling sales, French winemakers are resorting to desperate measures to market their product to the young, especially in the US. Drawing inspiration from the marketing of New World wines, Jean-Francois Mau has repacked his Bordeaux under the title You. It has a screw-top bottle and he expects to sell 2m bottles a year in the US. Other Bordeaux vineyards are selling wine under names such as Exciting White and Fusion Red, aimed at bars and nightclubs. Meanwhile one Provence vigneron has launched Sexual Wine, sold in a 25cl bottle with its own straw. Wild Pig and Fat Bastard are other brands especially created for the US by the Gabriel Meffre Group of Provence. France has been losing market share to the New World for some time, with exports down 9% in 2004 and a 13% in the first quarter of this year. At home, the French are also drinking less of their own wine. The Times 25/6/05 page 23 (Editorial), page 49