Andrew Lansley, the Health Secretary, wants the pub and restaurant sector to help fund local initiatives to make people healthier, writes John Harrington. He has urged more private sector funding for Change4Life after announcing an end to public cash for the scheme. Speaking at the Faculty of Public Health Conference, Lansley urged a “new approach” to Change4Life, including “actual funding” from the industry as well as “in-kind” contributions. And he added: “I will also consider extending the Change4Life partnership to the drinks industry, which also have a major further role to play in promoting healthier lifestyles.” It’s understood the Department of Health has yet to hold formal talks with the industry about what form its involvement might take. Chris Sorek, Drinkaware chief executive, said: “Using expertise and consumer insights from the private sector on public health campaigns could really help to ensure messages resonate with consumers to deliver social change. “We’re very much looking forward to speaking with the Government, listening to their ideas and talking about how we can help to deliver what we all want — a reduction in the harm caused by alcohol misuse.” Paul Smith, Noctis executive director, said it was an opportunity to cement good relations with the new government, but was “a cost as well as an opportunity to industry”. Lansley also gave support for more positive campaigns to promote sensible drinking through “social norms” theory. “Awareness campaigns have too often sent the wrong messages — when they’re screaming at you to drink less, many people are just having their behaviour reinforced. “The message doesn’t come out as ‘drink less’ but as ‘everyone drinks, so don’t worry about it’.”