More than half of small business owners would pay more tax in exchange for a simplified system, according to new research. The Forum of Private Business (FPB) found 57% would be willing to pay more tax in exchange for a simplified system – providing the system led to greater rewards. Meanwhile, 50% said they would be prepared to pay more under a simplified system if that system cut down on tax avoidance among their competitors. Tax avoidance is typically carried out by bigger businesses with the resources to exploit geographic loopholes, said the FPB. And 45% of business owners on the FPB's Tax and Budget member panel said they would tolerate a higher tax bill under a simplified system if it was accompanied by a general reduction in legislative red tape. FPB chief executive Phil Orford said: "The cost of complying with Britain's hugely complex tax system is such that, if simplification and profitability result, most businesses believe a little more tax would be a price worth paying. "Clearly, if the government is serious about stimulating small business growth, streamlining tax administration must be a priority. In addition, small businesses are deeply concerned that the tax system favours large companies and is deeply unfair.”