Publicans have been warned that if they employ unregistered door supervisors they risk spending up to five years in jail. The Security Industry Authority have said they will be doing spot-checks to ensure staff have the proper licence. By 11 April it will be illegal to work anywhere in the UK as a door supervisor without the licence from the SIA. Mary Hennessey, assistant director of marketing at SIA, told M&C Report: "We will be doing spot-checks with our partners the police, local authorities and customs and excise, to ensure pubs have employed registered doormen. "We have targeted pub and club operators to make them aware of their obligations for the last two years." Venues that do employ unlicensed door supervisors risk losing their licence, a five-year jail sentence and a £5,000 fine. In the South East only a third of those who requested the application form actually applied for a licence. The SIA suggests that 4,000 door staff in the South East alone have either left the trade, or are working illegally. Hennessey said the slow up-take had been the result of people thinking it will not affect them or leaving applying to the last minute. She said the SIA was currently seeing a surge in applications as the deadline approaches.