The number of women who have been arrested for being drunk and disorderly has risen by 50% it has been revealed. Forces across the country report that 5,891 females were detained last year – in comparison to 3,847 in 2003/4. The survey, conducted by Channel Four news, found that 21 forces across the country had experienced the increase. In Northumbria, the number of drunken women arrested rose from 1,414 to 2,101. Commenting on the increase Chief Constable Mike Craik of Northumbria police said: “More still needs to be done, particularly about underage drinking. “That my well include the rigorous action on the price of alcohol, a ban on advertising, increased education about the harm it can do, external regulation or even taking a uniquely harmful substance out of the retail chain. “There should also be an end to discounted drinks, such as two-for-one deals, happy hours and supermarkets selling alcohol at below cost prices.” And he went further, saying: “There should be a ban on the sale of alcopops and no advertising of alcohol.” Don Shenker, the chief executive of Alcohol Concern, added: “There's no doubt that the number of women binge drinking had gone up – they are following the example of young men. “The trouble is women's bodies can not handle these large amounts of alcohol.”