A new report from YouGov suggests that one in four consumers intend to spend less this Christmas than last year. YouGov's SixthSense report into Christmas spending habits found that 14% expected to up their spending on Christmas-related products and services. The poll, which involved asking 2,300 UK adults (16+) a series of questions at the beginning of November, found that 46% of people planned to spend between £100 and £250 on food and drink to be consumed in the home. 36% planned to spend less than £100. Just over a third said they would spend between £100 and £250 on gifts for families and friends while 30% said they would spend between £250 and £500. And seven in 10 people planned to spend less than £50 on a Christmas tree, decorations and cards. A separate study by YouGov also suggested that people were less inclined to buy "big ticket" items at the moment. When asked if this month (October) was a better or worse time to make major purchases than last month (September), 37% said it was worse, with just 6% saying it was better. YouGov's James McCoy said many companies were pre-empting a possible reluctance to indulge this Christmas with offers, such as Sony's offer to pay VAT. With a VAT rise in January, many companies were adopting a "now or never" approach to making sales.