A mother-of-three who went binge-drinking for a month and increased her normal alcohol intake ten-fold will be the subject of a BBC documentary to be screened on January 12. After going out drinking five nights a week and downing 516 units of alcohol, Nicky Taylor, 40, put on more than half a stone as her body fat increased from 37.4% to 38.9%. Doctors say her skin aged so much that she ended up with the complexion of a 50-year-old woman. But her liver was no worse. She would have needed to continue drinking for another five months to do lasting damage to that. Taylor said she felt "disgusting" at the end. The TV documentary is reminiscent of American Morgan Spurlock's film Super Size Me about how he ate nothing but McDonald's food for 30 days. The Independent on Sunday 18/12/05 page 8