The rising cost of wheat and grain come to the fore yesterday as it was suggested in some quarters it could lead to a £4 pint, coupled with the imminent rise in VAT. The cost of a ton of grain has increased from £93 a year ago to £191 this August, which has led commentators to the price per pint prediction. Stuart MacFarlane, AB InBev president, also recently said: “It is no secret that we face pressure on brewing ingredients and fuel.” The worse drought in Russia for 130 years has led to the price hikes and consequently shares in Brewers such as Diageo, AB InBev, Carlsberg and SAB Miller have reacted in recent weeks. *Separately, however Ken McMeikan, the chief executive of Greggs, the bakery chain, played down the rising cost of the commodity. He suggested that such increases would lead to a 1p hike in the price of a sausage roll. Describing the current increases as “overheated”, McMeikan said the rising cost of fuel would do more to hamper his business as it had the biggest impact on the consumer’s pocket. Yesterday the group, which operates 1,400 stores, revealed a 12.3% increase in first-half profit to £18.6m.