Glasgow council is planning to make public the hygiene record of every restaurant and takeaway outlet in the city. The city’s residents will shortly be able to consult the council’s website to see the results of environmental health officers’ visits to any of the city’s eating establishments. The scheme will begin with 200 premises, but is will include over 5,000 eventually. While others, including Highland Council, also post results of environmental health check ups online, Glasgow’s is expected to be the largest such database in Scotland. It is predicted that entries on the council’s site will be identical to the inspection report sent to the businesses themselves, with the omission of personal details. Scottish spokeswoman forWhich? magazine, Julia Clark, told Scotland’s Evening Times: “These hygiene reports are going to make a lot of difference and really help to drive down the instances of food poisoning.” One Glasgow restaurateur told the paper that the new measure was welcomed with “open arms” and that reputable eateries would have “nothing to fear”. The reports will be available from