The Government should abandon scare tactic campaigns about youngsters binge drinking alcohol, it was reported today. That is the view from a University of Bath study, which said that the Government's tactics had little effect on young people. Dr Andrew Bengry-Howell, an expert in young people's behaviour, will reveal the results of his study today at a conference at the Institute of Education in London. "A more sensible approach would be to say to people – 'We know you are going to drink to get drunk, so make sure you do not do it very often'," he told the Guardian. "A binge is seven units for a woman and 11 for a man. So many people are doing it, it is as if the government message categorises everyone as a binge-drinker and so speaks to no one. "People draw on their own experience and most people just ignore the message." The criticism comes as the Government is set to unveil a new £10m ad campaign clarifying the number of units in alcoholic drinks.