John Whiting, the former tax partner at PriceWaterhouse Coopers, has been appointed to “unravel the spaghetti bowl” of complex tax laws as head of the new Office of Tax Simplification (OTS). The tax expert will advise the Chancellor about which measures should be abolished or modified to create an easier and more efficient system. Launching the OTS, George Osborne said the UK had suffered a "decade of meddling and intervening" that had resulted in a complicated tax system for businesses and individuals. He said he had "a dream that people will one day actually understand the laws they're asked to comply with." Michael Jack, the former Tory MP for Fylde, was appointed as interim chairman. Both have agreed to stay on for a year. The OTS has been tasked with delivering two reviews before the Budget next year. One will focus on small business tax simplification, including IR35. The second will be a review of the tax system of tax reliefs. The new Office will be able to appoint other tax professionals to help work on the specific areas of complex tax law. The professionals will be asked to give up their time and expertise for free.