Diageo has teamed up with students in Glasgow to launch a scheme to combat heavy drinking among students. The What's In It campaign is a partnership between the National Union of Students and Diageo. It is being piloted at Strathclyde University after research revealed most students do not know how much alcohol is in their drinks. The scheme will involve a mixture of post-it style notes hidden in library books, stickers on glasses and toilet mirrors, and club entry hand stamps which carry a safe drinking message. If successful the scheme is likely to be rolled out to universities around the country. NUS chief executive of student services Ian King said that students should “realise that they will have a better time if they enjoy alcohol in moderation and stay in control on a night out”. The campaign was started after a student focus group found that most students had no idea of the number of units in specific drinks and how they related to safe drinking. The information given out during the campaign is intended to help people make informed choices about what they drink. Kate Blakeley, head of social responsibility at Diageo, said: "We believe that a partnership approach is crucial in order to tackle alcohol issues and are delighted to work with the NUS to trial a creative campaign that enables students to make informed choices about alcohol."