Circuses will fall foul of the new licensing regime, according to one MP. Peter Luff led a House of Commons debate warning that plans to charge circuses between £100 and £500 for every site they pitch their big top would mean "the death of a whole way of life". Estelle Morris, the culture minister, said the charges would be a one-off payment and would not harm circuses in the long term. Luff said: "The Act was just not designed for the very particular needs of touring companies in tented venues pitched on grass. "This is hardly surprising, as, for reasons of cock-up, not conspiracy, the circus industry was excluded from the consultation on the bill." Most circuses perform on 40 different sites each year - and would now be forced to buy a new licence for each one, he said. Morris said the system would be very efficient, because circuses would only need to buy one licence for each site. "That licence will then be available indefinitely as long as it is not suspended or revoked. "It may be that it is a difficulty for the first year or cycle, but it gets better later on," she said.