Gordon Brown, Chancellor of the Exchequer, has announced a series of fuel and air duty increases in his tenth pre-Budget report. The Chancellor focused on the green issue by doubling air passenger duty from £5 to £10 on 1 February for over 75% of journeys. He said that air passenger tax, which has been frozen for the last five years, would raise £1bn for public transport and the environment. Fuel duty will rise by 1.25p per litre from midnight, in line with inflation. To increase the incentive for the use of cleaner fuels, biodiesel and all new innovative fuels will get a discount of 20p per litre. In what is expected to be his final such statement, Brown announced that the British economy had grown for the tenth year running and he revised the 2006 forecast from 2.5% up to 2.75%. Brown said that business investment was up 5.75% and overall investment 6%. He expects inflation to be at its 2% target by mid 2007 and remain at target for 2008. Brown maintained his prediction of economic growth for next year of 2.75% to 3.25%, stating that the country was enjoying the longest period of sustained growth in our history.