Allied Domecq will begin introducing responsible drinking messages on packaging for all its brands from this month. The labels will encourage consumers to drink the products sensibly, as well as carrying the recommended number of alcohol units for men and women per day. The labels will also tell consumers how many units are in the whole bottle and how many units there are per serving. Allied brands Teachers, Harvey's Bristol Cream, and Malibu will be the first to feature the labels from later this month, which will also carry the web address, a website which features detailed information on the effects of alcohol consumption. In September the rest of Allied's brands, including Tia Maria, Cockburn's and Courvoisier, will begin to carry the label. Philip Bowman, chief executive, said: "The latest move reflects our view that alcoholic beverage producers have a common interest with retailers, government, the public health community, teachers and parents to develop and implement effective policies and programmes that promote sensible drinking and prevent alcohol abuse." "We believe that our announcement today represents another step in the process that will, over time, lead to consumers regarding drinking to excess and anti-social behaviour as being as unacceptable as drink-driving is today."