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    Casual-dining brand is real deal


    A relentless pursuit of consistency and quality has placed Côte at the forefront of the UK’s casual-dining sector and recently seen the business change hands in a c£250m deal. Mark Wingett talks to joint managing directors Harald Samuelsson and Alex Scrimgeour about how this ‘traditional’ concept is staying ahead of the game

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    Aussie feels passion of food in his bones


    Having established several Bone Daddies restaurants in London, former rugby player Ross Shonhan tells Mel Flaherty how the ramen business is going and about his beginnings as a chef

  • Giggling Squid exterior

    Thai expectations


    Former marketing man Andrew Laurillard’s fast expanding chain has repackaged the Thai restaurant experience for the mainstream. Is Giggling Squid going to win the race to become the first truly national Thai group?

  • smokehouse

    The Good, the Bad and the Eggy


    With two Smokehouses in London and all-day diner Bad Egg, Neil Rankin is scorching his name on the London food scene

  • James Lousada, Carlsberg CEO

    Back on track… probably


    Carlsberg chief executive James Lousada admits that the company took its eye off the ball, losing sight of the brand’s strength, but tells Mark Wingett how concentrating on its ‘bread and butter’ is set to make 2015 a pivotal year for the business

  • Bill Grainger

    All-day Aussie


    Australian TV chef and food writer Bill Granger has achieved fame with his intelligent yet laid-back approach to cooking and peerless breakfast dishes. But with an expanding international restaurant group he wants to be known for more than just great scrambled eggs. Joe Lutrario reports

  • Zizzi exterior

    Five-minute interview: Steve Holmes – Ask/Zizzi


    M&C Report takes five minutes to talk to Steve Holmes, chief executive of The Azzurri Group, owner of ASK Italian and Zizzi, about securing good sites, the challenge of recruiting good staff and cooking pasta in a kettle!

  • Ben Warner

    Five-minute interview: Ben Warner - Benugo


    M&C Report takes five minutes to talk to Ben Warner, co-founder of Benugo, about putting employees first, lowering VAT and the energising effect of street food brands.

  • Sarah Doyle EAT

    Five minutes with... Sarah Doyle, brand director at EAT


    M&C Report takes five minutes to talk to Sarah Doyle, brand director and leading the charge of the successful re-branding of EAT, on the importance both brands and independents play in her life and the importance of stylish stationary

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    Five minutes with…. Tobias Jackson, Adventure Bars


    M&C Report takes five minutes to talk to Tobias Jackson, director of Adventure Bars on investing in his staff; why pop-ups can provide lessons to all operators and why he’d quite like to be an estate agent.

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    Five minutes with... James Staughton - St Austell


    M&C Report takes five minutes to talk to the managing director of St Austell Brewery James Staughton about the potential opportunities in IT systems and the joy of driving a digger

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    Five minutes with…. David Bruce, West Berks Brewery


    Industry veteran, David Bruce, founder of West Berkshire Brewery and co-founder of City Pub Company on why he was the original BrewDog, his fears for the election and why he doesn’t like being called an industry veteran.

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    Five minutes with... Christian Mouysset - Hummus Bros


    M&C Report takes five minutes to talk to the co-founder of Hummus Bros Christian Mouysset about cloud-based computing and the lack of vision shown by the main parties ahead of the election

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    Five minutes with... John Vincent - Leon


    M&C Report takes five minutes to talk to the co-founder of Leon restaurants John Vincent about sustainable values in the free market, throwing a bucket of ice over the nation and what the BBC means to him.

  • Bodean's

    Five minutes with Andre Blais - Bodean's BBQ


    M&C Report takes five minutes to talk to Bodean’s BBQ founder Andre Blais about his views on loyalty schemes, educating entrepreneurs and getting screwed in the music business

  • Peter Borg-Neal

    Five minutes with.... Peter Borg-Neal, Oakman Inns


    M&C Report takes five minutes to talk to Oakman Inns chief executive Peter Borg-Neal about his views on Ed Balls, the concept of Oakmanology and what makes him shed a tear.

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    Five minutes with... Ed Turner, MD Geronimo Inns


    As a twist on an old favourite, M&C Report takes five minutes to talk to Ed Turner, managing director of Geronimo Inns, about the best meal he’s eaten this year and the job he’d have away from Geronimo. 

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    Five-minute interview: Peter Marks, Luminar


    M&C Report talks to Peter Marks, chief executive of Luminar, about his top priority, the best advice he’s been given and what keeps him up at night

  • Christian Townsley

    Friday five-minute interview: Christian Townsley, North Bar


    M&C Report talks to Christian Townsley, director of North Bar pubco, about his top priority, the best advice he’s been given and what keeps him up at night

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    Friday five-minute interview: Alexander Troullier - Wafflemeister


    M&C Report talks to Alexander Troullier, founder & CEO Wafflemeister, about his top priority, the best advice he’s been given and who is doing something special in the industry