Scottish Courage, the UK brewing arm of Scottish & Newcastle, has claimed record distribution service levels over the Christmas period, after problems for more than a year in its supply chain . The group, which is in the midst of a major overhaul of its UK distribution network after hiccups in the supply chain lead to an extra charge of £15m, said service levels reached record highs in the on-trade division in December. It said post-Christmas service reviews with large on-trade customers such as Unique, Enterprise Inns and Spirit brought strong positive feedback on Scottish Courage's performance over the Christmas period, while its customer satisfaction index improved from 56% to 72%. Scottish Courage delivered 99% of orders on time and in full, the group said. John Dunsmore, chairman and managing director of Scottish Courage, said: "These results demonstrate that the supply chain is back on track and performing very well during a busy Christmas trading period. "I am particularly pleased that not only have the distribution problems we have experienced over the past 18 months been reversed, but that service levels have been improved to record highs to both on and off trade customers.