Scottish & Newcastle (S&N) is believed to be looking at further international brewery exhibitions that would give it a springboard into the immature beer market of Uzbekistan. The revelation comes as Britain’s biggest brewer is about to embark on a restructure of its international market, moving to four operational division. The change emphasises the importance of overseas operations such as France and Russia to future growth. S&N will take a more hands-on approach to its Russian joint venture Baltic Beverages Holding. The shake-up will see John Nicolson, head of the international business, handed control of a new Greater Europe and US division. John Hunt, international finance director, will head a new Asian development markets arm. This will focus on expanding Chinese and Indian interests. The French Kronenbourg business becomes a separate division in its own right. Britain remains unchanged. Greater integration of operations will accompany the transformation. The Times 15/05/04 page 54, page 59 (Need to know) Financial Times (Money & Business) 15/05/04 page 2