Coca-Cola tops the beverages sector in the FT Global 500 companies list published today. It has dropped from 19th place to 31st place in terms of its market valuation which is recorded at $100.4bn (£55.4bn). PepsiCo has dropped two places to 37, valued at $89bn (£49.1bn) and Diageo has dropped from 117 to 228 with a value of $42.1bn (£23.2bn). Anheuser-Busch has moved down from 114 to 146, valued at $36.8bn (£20.3bn). InBev up from 467 to 287, valued at $20.1bn (£11.1bn), Ambev, is a new entry at 312, valued at $18.8bn (£10.4bn), SABMiller has moved up from 494 to 344, valued at $17.2bn (£9.5bn) and Heineken, has dropped from 349 to 351, valued at $17bn (£9.5bn). McDonald’s is the highest place in the restaurant sector up from 137 to 133, valued at $39.6bn (£21.8bn), followed by Starbucks up from 360 to 281, valued at $20.6bn (£11.4bn) and Yum! Brands, a new entry at 406, valued at $15bn (£8.3bn). FT Magazine 11/06/05 page 28-35