Executives at the beer giant behind Budweiser are set to share an extraordinary €850m (£730m) payday. Carlos Brito, AB Inbev chief executive, is in line for the biggest share and could get $98m when the company hits a key financial target. The potential windfall comes from an incentive scheme that the board introduced when Inbev, the brewer behind Stella Artois, bought Anheuser Busch in 2008. Brito, a 51-year-old Brazilian who was appointed chief executive of Inbev in 2005, was the architect of the merger. The deal has been a success, creating a $64bn behemoth based in Leuven, Belgium, that sells beer on five continents and has a lower cost base than its rivals. Inbev brands include Beck's and Bass Ale. In 2009, the group sold 72 billion pints of beer. The Sunday Times, p3