Anheuser-Busch, the US brewer, yesterday filed a complaint at a US federal court in Missouri, over InBev's $47bn (£23.8bn) takeover approach. The legal action seeks an injunction to stop InBev from attempting to install a new board until it has corrected the “numerous false and misleading statements” about the finance for the deal, and the way Anheuser would be run following a takeover. Anheuser-Busch rejected InBev's hostile bid at the end of June, saying it undervalued the company, but shareholders in the firm have filed lawsuits demanding the board consider the offer fairly. Although the brewer has put forward cost-saving plans in an attempt to boost profits and appease shareholders, some leading investors have also launched an action to prevent the firm pressing ahead with a deal to acquire the remaining 50% stake in Grupo Modelo, the Mexican brewer, which it does now already own. They fear that in the wake of such a deal, Anheuser-Busch would be too large for any single bidder to buy.