Starbucks, the global coffee chain, has launched a donation drive to try to stimulate job growth in the US. The chain has launched the “Create Jobs for USA” initiative in partnership with Opportunity Finance Network (OFN), a group of private financial institutions that provide affordable loans to low-income people and communities. Starbucks said it would kick start the new donation drive, which will see proceeds being used to back loans for small job-creating businesses, with a $5m donation from its own foundation. Howard Schultz, chief executive of Starbucks, which has c.6,800 sites in the US, said: “Small businesses are the backbone of America, employing more than half of all private sector workers -- but this critical jobs engine has stalled. We've got to thaw the channels of credit so that community businesses can start hiring again.” The company said for each $5 that is donated $35 in financing would be created to support community businesses. Donors who contribute $5 or more will receive a red, white, and blue wristband with the message 'Indivisible.'"