Britain's fiscal watchdog is expected on Monday to say the coalition's deficit reduction plan is achievable, meaning Chancellor George Osborne will not have to unleash any further spending cuts or tax hikes for now. The independent Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR), created by the Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition to give credibility to forecasts used for policy, is likely to say 2010 growth has been stronger and borrowing lower than expected. With Europe embroiled in a sovereign debt crisis, that endorsement will give the coalition breathing space as it seeks to all but eliminate a record budget deficit running close to 10 percent of national output. The OBR will probably raise its 2010 growth forecast from 1.2 percent to around 1.8 percent, and say borrowing this year could come in below the previous forecast of 149 billion pounds. Its current 2011 GDP growth forecast of 2.3 percent is above the consensus forecast of 1.9 percent. Its forecasts of 2.8 percent for 2012 and 2.9 percent 2013 are similarly upbeat. The Sunday Times, p1