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  • focus-on-dessert-parlour-brands-cover
    Brand Analysis

    Focus on Dessert Parlour Brands - February 2019


    Dessert parlour brands are rapidly growing across the UK, satisfying several current consumer trends and benefitting from internal mechanic advantages around franchise operations and low operational costs. This analysis piece explores the Top 10 brands by outlets, growth drivers of dessert parlours and marketing tools that are enabling customer engagement and increasing brand awareness.

  • Casual Dining Brand Growth Analysis and Forecast 2016 - 2019 Cover
    Brand Analysis

    Casual Dining Brand Growth Analysis and Forecast 2016 - 2019


    Both traditional and contemporary fast food segments growing amidst branded restaurant and pub/bar restaurant decline. Growth from the leading casual dining brands is being led by fast food, with both brands in traditional and contemporary fast food set to see segment growth in 2019. Fast food operators often benefit from using franchise models and smaller format stores, equating to more risk-adverse site additions. Fast food also benefits from being a lower ticket eating out occasion, hit less by the tightened purse strings of cost-conscious consumers.

  • Top 25 Branded Restaurant Promotional Offers Cover
    Brand Analysis

    Top 25 Branded Restaurant Promotional Offers - December 2018


    Modest increase in promotional activity this Christmas as restaurant chains fight for footfall.

  • Focus on Garden Centres
    Brand Analysis

    Focus on Garden Centre Foodservice - November 2018


    The analysis piece takes an in-depth look into food & beverage sales at the UK’s Top 10 garden centre chains, growth in outlets and turnover, and how food and beverage offers can drive footfall, dwell time and consumer loyalty.

  • focus on healthier eating brands
    Brand Analysis

    Focus on Healthier Eating Chains - October 2018


    Healthier eating is a mega trend that has been disrupting the UK Eating Out market. The analysis highlights key statistics on UK healthier eating chains and developments within the channel, alongside providing an insight into how other channels are adapting to consumer demand for healthier options, and innovative developments in the healthier eating space around convenience and technology.

  • Focus on Premium Casual Dining July 2018
    Brand Analysis

    Focus on Premium Casual Dining Brands - July 2018


    The Premium Casual Dining market has grown ahead of the total Branded Restaurant market in recent years, supported by growing consumer demands for more aspiration and higher quality in food and drink, stylish and modern settings, and unique and creative storylines in menus and surroundings.

  • UK Street Food Market Analysis
    Brand Analysis

    UK Street Food Market - June 2018


    The UK street food market has consistently grown faster than the total fast food market, starting from a much smaller base. It is estimated to reach a total value of £1.2bn in 2018. The analysis highlights key statistics on the UK street food market, successful street food companies (e.g. Street Feast, GRUB, Market Operations, KERB, …) and the influences on the wider eating out sector.

  • Power Bars May 2018 analysis
    Brand Analysis

    Focus on power bars - May 2018


    Power Bars are all-day, high capacity, urban social hubs, found in city centres and busy worker districts. The report provides details on The Alchemist, Archie’s Bar & Kitchen, Balls Brothers, Banyan Bar & Kitchen, The Botanist, Copper Café, Drake & Morgan, Greenwood, The Lighterman and No. 29 Power Station West.

  • Branded coffee shops analysis April18
    Brand Analysis

    Branded coffee shops analysis - April 2018


    Forecast to grow by 5.6% to a total of 5,017 sites, the UK branded coffee market is being driven by the sustained expansion of the three key players, Costa, Starbucks and Caffè Nero, and by newer market entrants continuing significant growth including Coffee Republic and Esquires.  

  • Middle Eastern cuisine analysis March 2018
    Brand Analysis

    Middle Eastern cuisine analysis - March 2018


    The branded Middle Eastern market is expected to reach £143 million in 2018.